Silicon carbide (SiC) was discovered by chance in 1891 by the American Acheson in his attempts to make artificial diamond. Unlike many alchemists who preceded him, his efforts were not entirely without result. During his experiments, dark, irregular crystals were formed with a hardness only matched by diamond and boron carbide.

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New steam boiler in power plant

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Acquisition of ESD-SIC bv by REF-Prosessing GmbH

Acquisition of ESD by Dr. Fritz Petersen and separation from Wacker Chemie

Construction of water treatment plant in Delfzijl

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 | ESD-SIC bv
Construction of desulphurization plant in Delfzijl

Energy recovery plant in Delfzijl – utilization of process gases

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Start of SiC production in Delfzijl and founding of Elektroschmelzwerks Delfzijl bv (ESD)

Development of new SiC technology

Start of SiC-production in Frechen

Purchase of ESK by Wacker Chemie

ESK starts production of SiC in Kempten

Founding of Elektroschmelzwerk Kempten AG (ESK)

Discovery of SiC by Acheson