Aug 10, 2021

New Payloaders

In our efforts to further reduce emissions and remain the most environmentally friendly silicon carbide producer globally, ESD is transitioning from WA-600 to WA-500 pay loaders. The new machines adhere to the EU Stage V emissions standard and provide a more ergonomic working environment for our operators.

The new machines will result in a decrease from 0,138 CO2 ton-liter-hour (WA-600) to 0,064 CO2 ton-liter-hour (WA-500). The WA-500 are also more fuel efficient; consuming an average of 25 liters per hour, compared to an average of 50 liters per hour for the old pay loaders. In addition to being environmentally friendly, the new machines provide first-class comfort to our employees. With an air-suspended high-back and heated seating, and adjustable armrests, the WA-500 contribute to a low-fatigue working environment.