Safety and Health

ESD-SIC wants to be an attractive employer and offer staff a healthy and safe workplace. Information and education are part of this, as is an annual preventive health check of our staff.

ESD-SIC is actively working to improve its safety performance and promote a healthy and safe workplace. This also takes into account the negative consequences of business operations for the environment and its immediate surroundings. Both ESD-SIC staff and external advisers are closely involved in this.

Both ESD-SIC’s own staff and the staff of third parties must be familiar with the general safety rules and the specific risks in relation to the production process prior to working on the ESD-SIC site. These are laid down in the ESD-SIC safety regulations. A compilation of these safety regulations can be seen in the gate instruction and is included in the security flyer, which is issued after the gate instruction ends.

The gate instruction is offered online in three languages (NL, ENG, DE). The period of validity is 1 year!