ISO 9001

Quality management system. (Download pdf file)

ISO 14001

Environmental management system. (Download pdf file)

ISO 26000

ESD-SIC also aims to implement the performance ladder according to ISO 26000 Corporate Social Responsibility in its management system. This perfectly reflects the sustainability initiatives which ESD-SIC has launched.

ISO 45001

In order to continuously improve safety performance and promote healthy and safe working practices, ESD-SIC has also set up its management system in accordance with the latest ISO standard 45001 for healthy and safe work. ESD-SIC intends to have this system certified in 2022.

ISO 50001

Energy management system. (Download pdf file)

Responsible Care

As a committed member of the Royal Association of the Dutch Chemical Industry (VNCI), ESD-SIC implements its policy partly on the basis of the criteria set by the association. This is reflected in the responsible care logo.


Our SiC is registered according to REACH environmental and safety guidelines. Granular SiC is classified as non-hazardous. The sulphur we recover from our process gas, and which is used as a sustainable fertiliser, is also registered in accordance with the REACH directive.


ESD-SIC falls within the scope of the European Industrial Emissions Directive, which defines the Best Available Techniques (BAT). We are proud that ESD-SIC is the most progressive SiC producer in the world in this field. We serve as an example for other SiC producers.