Company Profile

ESD-SIC is heading decisively in a new direction of sustainability, greening, CO2 reduction and chain cooperation. Our factory is one of the largest silicon carbide factories in the world.

ESD-SIC was already at the forefront in the global SiC market, especially in terms of the environment and process technology. We want to further consolidate this position by using sustainable raw materials, reducing CO2 emissions, saving energy , and cooperating with regional chain partners and other stakeholders. An innovative and socially responsible company, ESD-SIC produces up to 65,000 ton of high-quality semi-finished SiC according to very strict environmental requirements.

The production and processing of silicon carbide and the various environmental installations require a great deal of knowledge and expertise in the area. A wealth of technical knowledge has been obtained through innovative developments within our own company. This has given us a advantage over our competition in terms of process technology. In order to maintain our global number 1 position in producing high-quality SiC in an extremely eco-friendly and efficient way, continuous improvement of the production process and process control is required. ESD-SIC is the most eco-friendly SIC producer in the world.

There are various options at our company to further develop yourself in different fields and disciplines.

Characteristics of ESD-SIC:

  • A family working atmosphere
  • Flat organisation with short lines
  • Proud employees
  • Room to develop
  • We are a small team and help each other